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We work with academic institutions, biotech companies and pharmaceuticals to develop novel therapeutics

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our end-to-end AI drug discovery platform

Our AI technology and approach means we can discover and develop unique therapeutic opportunities faster. By combining our expertise with your scientific insights, disease knowledge and assets, we can accelerate treatments to rare disease patients.

Co-Development & Partnering

We partner with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to identify novel therapeutics. We are disease area-agnostic and open for collaborations over a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas.

Drug Discovery Services

We offer a wide spectrum of services related to early-stage drug discovery. Using our AI-powered platform, we provide solutions that will help you accelerate your drug discovery pipeline.

Academic Partnerships

Science is the core value at Denovo Sciences. We partner with academic institutions to advance state-of-the-art approaches in drug discovery.

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Learn more about some of our ongoing collaborations with academic institutions.
Dual-Acting Molecules Against Influenza Virus
Our AI-based drug discovery platform allows us to design small molecules able to modulate two different targets thought to be responsible for the certain disease.
Collaboration with NAS RA
RNA-Binding Molecules Against Hepatitis C Virus
Our target-agnostic AI-based drug discovery platform generates small molecules that can interact with well-defined RNA structures and modulate downstream processes.
Collaboration with UC San Diego

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