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We are a deep technology company that creates novel therapeutics using state-of-the-art AI technologies.


Training dataset independent approach

The efficiency of Machine Learning approaches hitherto used in drug discovery depend on the size and accuracy of training datasets. However, less than 5% of validated molecular targets have well curated datasets that can be used to train the Machine Learning algorithms.
The Denovo Platform is a breakthrough technology based on Reinforcement Learning algorithms that designs or optimizes chemical structures without need of training datasets. Our technology empowers scientists to work with all targets where little or no dataset is available.

Deep and quick exploration of chemical space

All traditional drug discovery approaches explore only a minuscule fraction of chemical space. Even traditional Machine Learning-based approaches are not able to go deeper into the chemical space because they are limited by their training datasets.
Our platform is designed to favor chemical structures that are highly novel and synthetically accessible. Within a few hours it generates thousands of highly novel and specific chemical structures against the target of interest.

Rational design of multitarget chemical structures

Complex diseases such as cancer and neurological disorders have multifactorial nature․ The treatment of such diseases may strongly benefit from multitarget drugs that are able to modulate multiple biological targets simultaneously. In contrast to combination therapy, multi-target drugs are expected to have a more predictable pharmacokinetic profile, no drug-drug interactions and negative synergistic effects.
The Denovo Platform is the only RL-based technology that can perform target-driven design of chemical structures by accounting for multiple different binding pockets. Our platform can be used to develop multitarget small molecules with merged pharmacophores required for the interaction with multiple proteins.

Target-Agnostic Platform

The uniqueness of Denovo PlatformTM is its ability to generate drug candidates against any type of target, whether it is a protein or nucleic acid.
Through a combination of our platform and sophisticated molecular simulations, it is possible to design the best chemical structures that simultaneously address multiple essential pre-clinical conditions, thereby solving the multiparameter optimization problem in Pharma.

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