At the crossroads of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Artificial Intelligence

We are a deep technology company that creates novel therapeutics using state-of-the-art AI technologies.


Voyaging in the Chemical Space

An AI-integrated drug discovery platform that explores the untapped chemical space to find new therapeutic stars.

Targeted AI Drug Discovery

Our AI algorithm explores chemical space for target-specific molecules with better properties than existing drugs. 

Underneath its core, our technology utilizes multi-parameter optimization to generate high-quality molecules satisfying the given parameters.

Drugging the Undruggable

No matter what target, our AI technology enables efficient discovery of novel molecular structures in a matter of few days.

Working with Unique Targets

Our AI algorithms learn from chemical, biological and physical simulations and do not rely on datasets of compounds.

Being dataset-independent dramatically expands the pool of potential drug targets and allows to work with unconventional targets such as RNA structures.

Changing the Paradigm

Our AI platform opens novel avenues to rationally design more effective but less toxic compounds acting on multiple therapeutic targets at once.

One Drug Multiple Targets

Building up on the "one drug multiple targets" philosophy, our platform utilizes cutting-edge AI technology for generating polypharmacological compounds.

The flexibility of our technology allows to not only design compounds acting on multiple targets at once, but also to control specificity and off-target side-effects.

Our Team

Hovakim Zakaryan
Co-Founder, CEO

Mher Matevosyan
Co-Founder, CTO

Vardan Harutyunyan
Co-Founder, CAIO

Irina Tirosyan
Data Scientist

Hamlet Khachatryan
Computational Chemist

Grigor Arakelov
Lead Computational Biologist

Yeva Gabrielyan
Data Scientist

Valter Sahakyan
Software Engineer

Vahram Arakelov
Computational Biologist



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